Equivoice is Now an MNJ Technologies Company

The integration of the services capabilities of MNJ and Equivoice will enable a broader solutions offering.

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Cisco Master Service Provider

Equivoice has been certified by Cisco to meet the highest ITIL standards for service delivery, competency and Capabiliti...

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Your Strategic Partners

We are strategic partners for all of your IT needs in infrastructure and communication.

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Our Solutions

Our service blocks ensure a flexible, reliable and future-proof cloud strategy. So let Equivoice handle your technology while you focus on growing your organization.

Flexible and reliable infrastructure is an essential part of optimizing your cloud performance. Use our Infrastructure Block to establish a reliable computing environment to build upon.

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The collaboration block upgrades your communications infrastructure to connect any device, any user, anywhere, through any medium to create efficient communication and maximize the value of your intellectual capital.

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Your infrastructure is only as good as its access. So trust our WAN Block to optimize your access.

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Data is precious. So whether it’s our firewall, filtering or compliance offerings; the Equivoice Security Block can protect it.

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Access begins with devices, so your LAN is vital. Access the cloud with our LAN Block.

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Virtualization is a fact of life for many businesses, which is why portability and security are must-haves in today's business climate. Get this and more with our powerful hypervisors.

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  • “Equivoice enabled Toyo to seamlessly integrate its headquarters and remote offices into a converged network. This has simplified the deployment of voice and data services.”

  • “Moving and upgrading our Call Manager into the Equivoice Unified Communications as a Service infrastructure has reduced our downtime, lowered our costs and simplified our network Management. With over 14 sites this is vital to JCC’s success.”

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A Lay Person's Guide to QoS

How would you like to make your customers and employees happy at the same time? Take a look at our Lay Person's Guide to QoS Whitepaper for an in-depth look at how our QoS solutions can make this a reality for your organization.

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