Three Reasons to Choose Equivoice

Equivoice – A Partner You Can Depend On

When it comes to managing your network infrastructure; reliability matters. You need someone that you can always depend upon to install, deploy and manage your IT networks and infrastructure. This decision is mission critical to your business, so figuring out where to go when there are so many options is a daunting task.

Here are three reasons that Equivoice is the right partner to handle your current and future IT needs.


Equivoice has been installing, deploying and managing IT networks and infrastructure for over 20 years. Here are a few examples of some of the more sophisticated networks that we have managed and maintained:

Prominent Real Estate Developer

  • Multiple US sites interconnected with a metro Ethernet based layer 3 IPVPN MPLS network
  • UCaaS
  • Virtualized iron port as a service
  • Private cloud

Large Chicago Based Non-Profit

  • Private Microcenter as a service
  • Multiple sites
  • Virtualized call center
  • Virtual data center services
  • Managed MPLS network

Multinational Organization

  • Virtualized Unified Communications located in our datacenter network to help with collaboration.
  • Unified Call Centers with agents in China, United Kingdom, and USA to keep all branches of the enterprise connected with each other.
  • Global Telepresence integrated with Jabber and Webex to create an efficient business workflow.
  • Global IP Layer 3 IP/VPN with nodes in China, United Kingdom and the United States to improve redundancy, reliability, and service.
  • Optimized by Cisco Wide Area Application Service to improve performance.
  • Virtual data center services to provide affordable and scalable options.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Our staff has a wide range of experience with Cisco certified engineers, VMware professionals and trained project managers working together to provide you with the best solutions and support for your organization. They are passionate about their work and stay up to date with continuing education and training.

Equivoice’s team members focus on creating a collaborative environment with our clients. They share their knowledge and experience to provide custom solutions for our clients’ IT business needs, from software solutions to full infrastructure.

Single Point of Contact for IT Infrastructure Services:

Is having to deal with multiple vendors when your network malfunctions getting you down? Are you tired of playing referee while your three vendors blame each other for your problems, resulting in a never-ending phone tag marathon? The good news is that when you choose Equivoice, you have only one hand to shake — eliminating the headaches of multi-vendor management altogether.

Equivoice handles your support and service needs by dealing directly with sales people, contract juggling, bill payment, coordination and vendor management. The best part is that you will have a single point of contact within our team to ensure that your needs are met.

Cisco Master Service Provider

Cisco has awarded Equivoice the highest level of Cisco Service Provider certification. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Unified Communications Service are certified Cisco Powered. Before awarding these certifications Cisco uses their strict specifications code to inspect the level of each provider’s security, stability, support and service.

After examining our products and services, an independent Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) auditor determined that they meet the highest industry standards; giving you the IT infrastructure solutions that you need.

Advanced and Robust Product Line

Equivoice offers a complete suite of Cisco Powered cloud services including IaaS, security, data center, and Unified Communications as a Service. These services are supported by a Global Access network that ensures constant availability and guaranteed access. Our product line covers your current and future business needs, allowing you to grow without worrying about whether your infrastructure can handle it.


Equivoice specializes in providing solution packages for all of your cloud needs. Our experienced staff is certified and highly versed in working with multiple solutions to create the ideal IT network and infrastructure for your organization. To put that experience to work for your organization and watch your productivity soar – contact us today at 800-398-6696!

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