Cisco Unified Communications as a Service by Equivoice

In today’s ever expanding global marketplace, collaboration tools have become more of a norm than luxury. Without access to these types of tools, coordinating workloads across your multinational team would be nearly impossible.

At the heart of most collaboration solutions is unified communications, as it is so critical to an organization’s collaboration efforts. When you need to coordinate the real-time activities of clients, vendors, employees and other stakeholders, unified communication applications allow you to streamline the entire process.

As a Cisco powered service provider, Equivoice is able to use our Cisco Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to help you collaborate with your team across multiple real-time communication channels.  To learn more about our UCaaS solution, simply scroll down for our contact information.

The Benefits of Our Cisco Unified Communications as a Service Offering

Flexible Procurement Options:

  1. Monthly Seat License: This option allows you to choose the precise number of licenses that you need today; while allowing you the ability to scale up in the future.
  2. Purchase: If you’d prefer not to make recurring payments, Equivoice has you covered. You can use our one off option to address your investment once and for all.
  3. Lease: Our leasing option gives you a low cost alternative to bring unified communications into your business without dealing with the upfront costs of a purchase.

UCaaS improves collaboration by providing employees, clients and vendors with a variety of communication options. This service integrates:

  1. Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices into the unified communications infrastructure. Mobile integration is especially important with businesses that utilize bring your own device policies or those who allow telecommuting.
  2. Telepresence with mobile devices and laptops. This ensures that anyone who works for your organization, on a remote basis, has access to the essential tools so that they don’t need to commute to the home office just to collaborate.
  3. WebEx into the Unified Communications infrastructure. WebEx’s communication solutions are commonly used in the business arena. This means that you can use our unified communications infrastructure to access the collaboration software that you already know and love.

UCaaS frees IT professionals from the tedious and resource-draining task of level one infrastructure management by:

  1. Eliminating single points of failure and increasing application availability so that your collaboration tools are there when you need them.
  2. Simplifying capacity management planning.
  3. Reducing mean time to restore major and minor application outages so that you aren’t left waiting around during important business projects and development.
  4. Eliminating hardware maintenance so that your IT department can put their time and resources into other essential tasks.
  5. Reducing cabling to provide a clean and organized work environment.
  6. Simplifying network management to reduce the amount of IT resource drain.
  7. Reducing total cost of ownership so that you can re-allocate the savings into other projects.

How it Works

1.     Equivoice provides a complete Cisco data center infrastructure that is optimized for Cisco unified communications

  1. Cisco Unified Computing B Series Blade Server
  2. Nexus Switch Fabric
  3. Redundant storage
  4. VMWare
  5. Client Portal for Virtual Data Center Management
  6. SAS 70 type I & II tier 3 certified data center

2.     Equivoice Total Care provides a complete application support program

  1. Application Monitoring
  2. Infrastructure monitoring
  3. Cisco TAC Interface
  4. Strong SLA
  5. Includes premise based routers, switches and IP phones

3.     Equivoice Global Network insures optimal access

  1. Connection speeds up to 10 Gigabytes
  2. Global Access
  3. QOS enabled network
  4. 24 hour monitoring
  5. Multiple Backup Options

Equivoice Infrastructure

Equivoice’s complete infrastructure gives your organization everything you need – from data center management to premise equipment. While most of our infrastructure services are based on Cisco Unified Communications, these services can be expanded to include Microsoft Exchange and Lync

Additionally, as an IT professional, the Equivoice UCaaS can help you become a strategic asset to your organization. As an added benefit, you can also take resources that you were allocating to your level one infrastructure management and use them to improve your business processes, reliability and communications technology. Unified Communications as a Service is the best practice for application deployment and management.

To learn more about how our Cisco Unified Communications as a Service solution can boost your organization’s bottom line by improving inter-office collaboration, contact us today at 800-398-6696!

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