Improve Your Efficiency with Solution Design Methodology and Implementation from Equivoice

At Equivoice we do not demand that you make us the primary player in all of your design decisions. We believe in understanding our client’s needs, goals and objectives; as well as collaborating with you to create something special.

Likewise, if you’re looking for experts that will provide you with recommendations that are based upon your specific needs; so that you can make informed decisions – Equivoice is here to help!

We jointly create a design and implement an infrastructure that adheres to your corporate mission and is completely optimized to suit your needs. Also, please note that this is a global design process and can be used for any of our products. This process works for all design types.

Our solution design methodology uses the following process;

  1. Equivoice and the client agree upon the project goals. The project goals include your client corporate mission and the project objectives. We get behind the motivation for the project as part of figuring out the best design for it.
  2. Equivoice and the client perform a current system analysis. This can include looking at:
    1. Network topology
    2. Hardware and software releases
    3. Traffic Analysis
    4. Applications
    5. Disaster Recovery
    6. Current problem areas
    7. Capacity analysis
    8. Supportability
    9. Costs
  3. Equivoice creates a statement containing existing problems with your network and a needs analysis derived from your business and project objectives.
  4. Equivoice develops a proposed network design. We strongly encourage our clients to collaborate in this process. We use your input to create the best design for your organization and needs. This process includes a series of whiteboard sessions and knowledge transfers between you and our network design team.We provide the following with a proposed network design:
    1. The proposed network topology
    2. Cost summary
    3. Implementation Schedule
    4. Test Plan
    5. An analysis of how this design meets the goals of our clients
  5. The Statement of Work is mutually agreed upon.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a client-centric design process. Take your organization to the next level with our comprehensive design process, while exceeding your long and short-term goals – to learn more, contact us today at 800-398-6696.

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