A Market of One

Three Factors that Separate Equivoice from the Competition

While there may be a seemingly endless supply of IT service providers ready to serve the marketplace; how many truly have an appreciation for what you experience, on a daily basis, as an IT professional?  There is a difference between simply understanding IT services versus understanding what IT related services mean to the end-user.

IT Industry Pioneers

As pioneers in the IT services field, all of Equivoice’s highly trained staff members are well-versed not only on the mechanics of our services, but also on what our services mean to you. This understanding is what sets Equivoice apart from our competition.

We believe that it is critical to understand how your overall goals relate to changes in your IT infrastructure. Our years of experience in designing, implementing and managing both large and small networks have exposed us to a variety of needs and configurations. Our well-trained staff pools this experience and we use it to collaborate with your expertise – ultimately creating a solution that is uniquely suited for your organization.

The Equivoice Advantage

You have the perfect infrastructure in mind, but you don’t have the resources or time to put it into reality. That’s where Equivoice comes in. We have the skills and resources to turn those design ideas into reality. Our skilled engineers and project managers coordinate with vendors, implementing hardware and software solutions, as well as network integration for our clients.

You sign a single contract with Equivoice instead of dealing with multiple providers and vendors. This cuts down on the amount of hassle you deal with on your end, as we coordinate implementation and integration between multiple vendors. You concentrate on your core strengths and we’ll concentrate on making it easier for you to operate more efficiently.

IT Infrastructure Support You Can Rely On

Upon implementing your infrastructure, Equivoice’s world-class support team steps in to assist you with any questions or issues that may present themselves. We are your single point of contact for supporting your infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about playing phone tag between multiple vendors should your system go down.

So if you are looking for a single vendor with sole accountability and streamlined processes – please scroll down for our contact information, as Equivoice wants to be that vendor.

We understand the business side of your IT needs, so we have no problem putting ourselves in your shoes. Rather than using a cookie cutter approach to addressing your needs, Equivoice learns about your business so that the solutions we implement are suited to your business.

When your internal IT department doesn’t have to deal with routine maintenance and support issues, they can focus on revenue producing tasks. So give your in-house IT team the support that they need – contact Equivoice today at 800-398-6696.

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