Virtual Data Center pubic or hybrid

Do you need a more robust infrastructure but lack the IT resources to support setting up your own on-site option? Equivoice’s pay as you go data center solution provides a scalable infrastructure suitable for storing data, deploying applications and other tasks. Furthermore, with our IaaS you don’t have to worry about purchasing or dealing with additional hardware.

The Equivoice Cloud Management Portal allows our managed services to combine our excellent data portal support system on a cloud based platform. We have over 20 years of experience and offer 24×7 managed hosting, support and governance. Your data is safe in our servers and we’re looking forward to using our technology to help your business grow.

Some of the cloud management features you have access to include:

  • Creating instances
  • Attaching volumes
  • Editing user data
  • Creating new instance templates
  • Volume management
  • Snapshot management
  • Security Groups
  • Company network features

Why Equivoice’s Cloud Servers?

Cloud-based platforms require absolutely top quality networks to properly access these resources. Equivoice WAN provides high end access that works perfectly with this solution. Additionally, our user friendly management portal will have your network staff up and running within no time. If you need more resources for your websites or internal traffic, our on demand computer resources are there to allocate more resources your way. These resources are priced on a daily rate, with a no-minimum month to month contract.

Take advantage of all the capabilities that Equivoice’s enterprise-class IaaS solution has to offer:

  • Computing Power – Customizable virtual or dedicated physical environments can be designed to meet your business needs.
  • Network Connectivity – Broad networking options including Equivoice Ethernet and Fiber Transport and robust internet connectivity with dedicated circuit options.
  • Storage – Managed storage with offsite replication for data redundancy.
  • Disaster Recovery – Complete data protection with failover to one of our secure data centers.
  • Security & Compliance – Built to support all industry standard compliance and security specifications.
  • Management & Support – 24×7 proactive monitoring, along with monitoring and issue resolution backed by industry leading service level agreements.

We have built our infrastructure platform on top of the award winning VMware virtualization technology. So by extension – when you choose our infrastructure as a service offering you get the same reliability, security and scalability that Equivoice enjoys.


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