Equivoice private cloud, the TRUE private cloud

The public cloud is able to boast a number of nice features. However, not every organization wants to deal with the risks associated with operating on a cloud outside of their own control. Equivoice’s industry leading private cloud technology gives our clients the power of the public cloud – without the concerns. We work with our clients to create a private cloud according to their unique business requirements.

Our private cloud isn’t just a blade server. We have a completely isolated infrastructure that no one but you can access. We offer purchase, lease or rent options for storage, servers, racks and space in a dedicated environment backed by industry leading service level agreements.

Equivoice’s Private Cloud solution addresses the demands of new or growing organizations by providing guaranteed computing resources and on-demand scalability backed by Equivoice’s 20 years of experience and unmatched 24×7 managed monitoring, issue resolution, support and governance. The scalable nature of our private cloud solutions make it perfect no matter where your organization is in its development. With us, your current and future IT network and infrastructure needs are covered.

Equivoice’s Bare-Metal offers:

  • One Monthly Fee (flexible payments: buy (capex), lease, or rent)
    • Rack
    • Power
    • Storage
    • Blade Server
    • Fabric Interconnect

Equivoice’s Private Cloud solution gives you countless benefits with platform virtualization:

  • Dedicated Equipment – Private equipment used only by your company in our data center.
  • True High Availability – If a container node fails, your virtual machine or vApp instance will be immediately moved to a new server within your infrastructure.
  • Always Guaranteed Resources – Equivoice’s Private Cloud ensures that your virtual machines provide high-performance and guaranteed computing resources so that they are able to handle even the most demanding computing loads.
  • Seamless Migration – Equivoice utilizes a standard Open Virtualization Format enabling you to seamlessly move data to and from your Private Cloud and on premise VMware environment using our Management Portal.
  • Full Management Control –Start, stop, and reboot your virtual machines with just a few clicks. You have full control via hypervisor management.
  • Administrative Security – Control who has the ability to create, reboot and manage your virtual machines.

Why Equivoice?

  • Computing Power – Customizable virtual or dedicated physical environments are designed to meet your specific requirements and provide efficient resource utilization.
  • Network Connectivity – Broad networking options including Equivoice Ethernet and Fiber Transport, and robust internet connectivity with dedicated circuit options so you always have reliable access.
  • Storage – Managed storage with offsite replication for the safety and security of your data.
  • Disaster Recovery – Complete data protection with failover to one of our secure data centers so you avoid massive business expenses associated with critical data loss.
  • Security & Compliance – Built to support all industry standard compliance and security specifications.
  • Management & Support – 24×7 proactive monitoring and issue resolution backed by our industry leading service level agreements.

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