In order to compete in today’s world a company needs to be fast, flexible and consistently productive.  The technical infrastructure in businesses is relied upon heavily and it must always be performing at top levels.

There isn’t much room for down time, just ten minutes of down time can cost you.  IT staff finds themselves spending all of their time keeping your networks up and running, they don’t have time to provide the services of your business.

How do you manage keeping your networks running and still provide innovative solutions to your end users?  If your systems are always in need of repairs or updating due to outdated equipment or software, this can be impossible.

We have the answers – Equivoice’s support and maintenance services can handle many of the routine tasks associated with keeping your servers up and running. We can troubleshoot issues with email servers, monitor and even fix problems with your network infrastructure before they affect the rest of the system.

Just imagine getting more uptime and efficiency from your servers – but without having to tie up valuable IT staff time and money.  Let your team focus on what they do best and not get bogged down with the more repetitive maintenance oriented tasks that Equivoice can do for you.

Equivoice Total Care Package

Equivoice’s Total Care Package handles every aspect of network and device management for equipment and software co-located at our SSAE 16 Tier 3 and Site Recovery Certified Data Centers.

Our data center solutions include a 24x7x365 Network Operation Center with high availability and disaster recovery. We also offer Enterprise Private Micro Data Center total care packages.

We provide a network and device management system which includes ticketing, carrier escalations, SNMP monitoring, auto-discovery, device inventory, reporting tools and much more:

  • Power Infrastructure – True 2N Infrastructure delivers guaranteed 99.999% uptime for power, cooling, and connectivity
  • Power – 2 N UPS Feeds, Dual power feeds to A and B
  • Cooling – 2 N Zoned, looped chilled water via 2N variable speeds CRACs
  • Fire suppression – 100% demised stand-alone and NOC Monitored VESDA smoke/hazard detection
  • Bandwidth – multiple, diverse, Internet/MPLS/PSTN
  • Secure – multi-factor authentication, biometric, card key, 24×7 video surveillance
  • Virtualization Core – Carrier and Enterprise class virtualization
  • Support – Ticket management and resolution 

Network Monitoring

Equivoice’s network monitoring services ensure that someone is there to keep an eye on your WAN, network equipment, and servers – 24/7. We are fast, reliable and efficient when it comes to making sure your networks are functioning at top capacity.  We will manage ticketing services, hardware support and even troubleshoot the problems found during monitoring.

With our experience, we are able to effectively isolate faults, work with your network team to rectify network outages, identifying hardware, power or circuit connectivity outages and giving timely updates to your customers while working on network repairs.

By putting your infrastructure in our capable hands, you can focus on the most important part of your business – the bottom line!

This service includes monitoring of Equivoice Circuits. Network infrastructure is optional.

  • Routers – $30/month
  • Switches – $25/month
  • Firewalls – $25/month
  • Wireless AP – $15/Month
  • Wireless Controller – $75/month

Threshold Reviews

Advanced notice is key component of keeping any issue under control.  An important function of network monitoring is defining alarms and violations before they can affect your network.

Another essential facet of our services is error checking, bandwidth monitoring, reporting and escalation SLA’s. We provide SLA reports regularly, so you can monitor all of our activity.  Additionally, choosing Equivoice means that you will have a single point of contact – ensuring that your network is in good hands and that if you ever do have an issue there is a single neck to choke.

Internet Health and Connectivity

Equivoice keeps an eye on your Internet connectivity – making sure that you have enough bandwidth, that your firewall configuration is working properly and that your security is in good working order.

If your firewall is not functioning properly, we can fix the issue so that your entire system trouble free and running efficiently.

Equivoice Total Care – Cisco Systems

Equivoice is a certified partner of Cisco Systems.  If you are using the Cisco total care package, we are the perfect partner.  The range of services we offer for the Cisco based infrastructure:

  • IP telephony server support
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • Working with Cisco TAC to resolve issues and providing customer access to TAC.
  • Minor upgrades and bug fixes.
  • Daily server and software backups.
  • 100 GB for backups on Equivoice’s SAN
  • ORION monitoring system for network and server health monitoring.
  • IP phone support (Moves, Add, Changes)
  • Change route patterns, profiles, directory listings, hold music, and other IP telephony features
  • Basic voicemail support
  • Apply Cisco release patches and security updates for deferred versions
  • Optional real time and historical data output for Cisco IPCC and UCCX servers
  • Optional configuration management
  • Optional change management

Microsoft Exchange Server Management

Microsoft Exchange Servers are a useful resource for many businesses, but they require a specialized skill set to utilize them properly. Instead of spending the money on bringing in Microsoft Exchange server administrators, let Equivoice handle the heavy lifting for you.

You maintain ownership of the software and hardware, while we handle your maintenance and support. We’re happy to provide configuration, installation, troubleshooting, updating and other support options.

There’s nothing worse than having your email servers go down in the middle of your peak season, so our proactive monitoring services stay on top of performance issues.

Our Microsoft Exchange Server management package includes:

  • 24/7/365 server monitoring
  • We effectively and quickly isolate faults, let your network team know via a predefined priority action matrix, and implement appropriate action
  • Server outage monitoring
  • Monthly monitoring of AD/Exchange event logs to verify there is no server issues
  • Check hardware monitoring utilities to verify there is no hardware failure
  • Verify latest patches from Microsoft
  • Prevents Security holes left by exploits Microsoft discovers.
  • Ensures peak performance by running the latest versions of the software installed.
  • Daily backups of all MS servers and software
  • Verify successfully backups and maintain backup scheduling.
  • 100 GB of total storage for backups on Equivoice provided SAN.
  • Monitor servers for viruses and verify latest updates for virus software
  • Monthly email server testing
  • Verify IP’s not blacklisted
  • SMTP Diagnostics.
  • Alerting and Monitoring
  • Email and text message alerts.
  • FTP access
  • HTTP/HTTPS access
  • All minor patches, bug fixes, and MS updates
  • Server hardware replacement:
  • Resolve any event log issues.
  • Disk cleanup and defragmentation based on requirements.
  • Exchange Server management:
  • Mail transmission errors.
  • Reverse and forward record issues.
  • Server Policies.
  • Resolve potential Spamming issues.
  • Server certificate support and renewal.
  • Maintain OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  • Resolve Active-Sync issues (Phone)
  • Support Outlook Anywhere users
  • Outlook User setup.
  • Active Directory Management:
  • Adjust domain DNS based on client requirements.
  • Changes to internal domain records that allow for internal access. (A,
  • MX, CNAME)
  • Maintain organizational unit structure based on client requirements
  • Adjust client Group Policies based on requirements
  • Create new file shares based on client requirements
  • Maintain security on client files and folders stored on the server.
  • Login Script
  • Resolve script configuration issues.
  • New script creation.
  • User Account creation.
  • Add new PC’s to domain.

Trouble Ticket Specification

Equivoice uses a trouble ticket management system for customer and client processing requests.  This means that you will always have visibility into what is going on behind each request. Likewise, you will only have one point of contact in troubleshooting, this ensures that you never get stuck wasting valuable time – trying to bringing a new person up to speed when fixing ongoing problems.

Additionally, our ticket tracking system connects the customer with your associated technical contact for that particular issue.  The technical person is notified as soon as the ticket is created and remains with the issue until it is resolved.  If an escalation is required, we make sure it gets handled from start to finish.

Trust Equivoice to be Your Support and Maintenance Partner

As your trusted partner, our job is to keep your business up and running.  We can save you time and money, which allows you to focus on improving your bottom line!

So if you have questions or need assistance, support is always available via our email at or via phone at 800-398-6696.


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