Why Agile Organizations Choose the Equivoice Collaboration Block

The global marketplace continues to develop into a dominant force in today’s business world. Global workforces are no longer confined solely to large multinationals. In fact, increasing numbers of small businesses are working with mobile workers in geographically diverse office locations on a regular basis. In addition to collaborating with your employees you must also juggle the expectations of your clients, vendors and stakeholders.

Why Collaboration Tools Matter in the Current Business Environment

Collaboration tools are a must-have for staying on top of your projects, as well as promoting coordination between each moving part. The Equivoice collaboration block integrates our global IP transit network with Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco WebEx and Cisco Telepresence.

This technology combination connects members of your team whether they’re on a beach doing work from their tablet or at the office on one of your workstations. Cross device compatibility is indispensable in a far flung business environment where the working conditions change on a regular basis.

Here’s a more extensive look at the technology that our Collaboration Block offers:

  • Cisco Unified CallManager controls and connects collaboration endpoints between IP phones, mobile devices and video chat capable devices.
  • Cisco Unity provides a unified messaging platform connecting voicemail to email, along with facilitating access to traditional email services and an automated phone attendant.
  • Cisco Jabber supports peer to peer video, mobile softphone extensions, peer to peer screen sharing and secured chat.
  • Cisco Telepresence delivers immersive video conferencing, desktop video and video content streaming.
  • Cisco WebEx adds web collaboration to the table, with screen sharing, webinars and collaboration meeting rooms.

Why Choose Equivoice’s Collaboration Block?

Communication is essential to an agile, responsive business seeking to stay on top of current trends. Equivoice’s Collaboration Block combines the best technology for phone, web and video collaboration. No matter where your employees are geographically located they can contribute valuable input on your projects.

Here are a few of the ways that we make life simpler for you and your IT department:

  1. Integrate the collaboration tools into a controlled network for a superior end user experience.
  2. Incorporate any number of these tools into your own customized collaboration platform.
  3. Flexible purchase options allow you to pay for the collaboration block as a service, lease, capital expense or a combination of options.

Let Equivoice Strengthen Your Collaboration Infrastructure

So the next time you want to improve your organization’s communication, let Equivoice handle the technical side of your operation, while you focus on your core strengths.

To learn how to improve your agile organization’s communication infrastructure, contact Equivoice today at 800-398-6696.

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