Businesses and organizations look for every area possible to reduce overall costs and operating expenses. One way that some organizations attempt to do this is by switching from workstations to thin clients and offloading most of the work onto servers.

This setup may works well in the beginning – until your hypervisor goes down and you lose the ability to access any of your virtualized software and platforms. Without adequate protection against these types of hypervisor or virtualization manager issues, risk and downtime are legitimate realities.

The Equivoice Hypervisor Block utilizes industry leading virtualization technology by VMware. You get as much control as you could possibly want from your infrastructure, with the flexibility to adapt to your organization’s unique needs.

Equivoice offers all the advanced features within VMware Enterprise such as:

  • High Availability – Every year businesses and organizations lose millions of dollars to downtime, so in the modern business environment having high availability is essential.
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler – Even if you had access to all of the hardware in the world, if you don’t put it to optimal use; it can only do so much for you. On the other hand, when you use our distributed resource schedulers; you gain the ability to make the most efficient use of the resources at hand by spreading resource usage across your hardware.
  • Fault Tolerance – Building redundancy into your infrastructure is important. Nonetheless, all it takes is one critical server to go down and your entire network can get wiped out. Fault tolerance keeps your network running without your network running at 100%.
  • Distributed Virtual Switches – When running multiple virtual machines on a vSphere host, consistency matters. The good news is that our distributed virtual switch creation and configuration service has been designed to address this issue and can yield amazing dividends for your organization.
  • VMotion – With VMotion you can migrate data across storage systems, without sacrificing data integrity.

Are you worried about what will happen if your server goes down overnight and none of your network operations staff are able to answer their phones? Equivoice offers 24/7 WMware certified staff to answer your questions, deal with any major problems and ensure that server maintenance is properly handled. With features that give you a full range of control, our Hypervisor Block is an essential part of any organization using virtualization as part of the infrastructure.

A Business Person's Guide to the Cloud

“The cloud” is a phrase that describes a wide range of remote computing services. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business' technology solutions. An IT infrastructure can be defined as everything that you need to access, run and manage your mission critical software applications. This includes your network, servers, data storage hardware, workstations, tablets, your Internet connection and other computing devices.

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