Local Area Networks support a wide range of access to devices such as smartphones, tablets, workstations, thin clients and servers. The LAN must be able to support all these devices without a hiccup – at speeds of up to 40 gbps.

Equivoice engineers work with our clients to create a secure and efficient LAN that meets your current device needs, while future-proofing it against new devices that may access the network down the line. Additionally, our designs include an implementation plan so that your LAN needs are handled from start to finish.

Equivoice implements the latest networking technologies. This gives you a full featured switch and wireless access platform with customization options to meet even the most stringent demands. We also provide end to end management to ensure you receive the expert knowledge that you need to get the fullest benefit from your new LAN.

The Equivoice LAN block provides the following features:

  • Switch, Wireless Access and router installation, securing and monitoring
  • Design and Consulting services
  • 100 mbs to 40 Gb switching infrastructure
  • Supports the complete Cisco Switching Product Portfolio from Catalyst through Nexus
  • 24/7 customer support
  • End to End performance monitoring with a client portal

Furthermore, the Equivoice LAN Block enables your IT staff to focus on achieving your overall business goals by increasing reliability, improving performance, reducing infrastructure management time and improving the end use experience.

The LAN Block works with Equivoice WAN to create high performance cloud access to improve the flexibility and scalability of your network infrastructure. If you want to create a network that works perfectly for your needs, our LAN Block provides the feature set that you need.

A Business Person's Guide to the Cloud

“The cloud” is a phrase that describes a wide range of remote computing services. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business' technology solutions. An IT infrastructure can be defined as everything that you need to access, run and manage your mission critical software applications. This includes your network, servers, data storage hardware, workstations, tablets, your Internet connection and other computing devices.

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