Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Attacks and Hackers

As data breaches and cyber-attacks become an even more common occurrence, security issues have moved to the forefront of nearly every organization’s concerns. Don’t put sensitive customer data at risk – use Equivoice’s Security Block to minimize risk, adhere to regulatory compliance and proactively provide protection against new and zero-day threats.

Protect Your Network from Security Threats

Social networking, mobile access, bring your own device policies and cloud infrastructure increase the threat level to both customer data and company information. However, these data assets are essential to your day to day operations and even the most minor interference to them could bring your organization to a complete standstill.

Here are several products and services that we offer to help minimize your exposure to data breaches:

  • Site to site VPNS
  • Remote user/client Using Cisco Anyconnet VPNs
  • Fully managed Cisco ASA firewalls
  • Next generation Cisco ASA 1000 Cloud firewalls
  • Cisco Firepower Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Cisco Identity Service Engine
  • Cisco IronPort and SourceFire  Content Security Management.

Experts agree that as data value continues to rise, we can expect to see a corresponding increase in the sophistication of cyber-attacks. Protecting your organization from hackers and identity thieves – today – prevents you from dealing with a nightmare scenario or PR disaster tomorrow.

Equivoice can provide you with a complete risk assessment to identify your potential weaknesses and areas of concern. We provide our clients with a security blueprint that can be used to secure your data from current and future threats.

Also, in addition to helping your organization maintain compliance and security; Equivoice can help improve system performance and flexibility. To learn how simply continue scrolling down for our contact information.

Increased Flexibility

The Equivoice Security Block provides your organization with flexible options for ownership. It can be added as a service, leased or purchased outright. Our security services can be Cloud based, virtualized, onsite, appliance based or a combination of each. The Security Block can be integrated into your existing security infrastructure.

Equivoice takes your data protection seriously. To learn more about protecting your network from security breaches and how Equivoice can help your IT team focus on core competencies, while driving results contact us today at 800-398-6696.

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