Equivoice Offers the Solutions You Need to Run Your Agile Organization

There are a significant number of challenges that can arise within your business operations and infrastructure. Likewise, mission critical systems are vital for the day to day running of your business, making it crucial for you to utilize the services of a professional to assist with upgrades and new technology implementation.

Additionally, as an agile organization there are two seemingly minor obstacles that tend to cause major issues. The first is the issue of updating call manager and communication software. The second is attempting to handle more complex situations such as cloud access problems. Equivoice is here to help you address these challenges and more; taking care of the heavy lifting and helping to you keep your business on track, even when you’re facing major infrastructure challenges.

 Handling All of Your Communication Infrastructure Needs

Does this sound familiar? You already have a great set of applications in place and don’t want to rock the boat. As a result, you end up with versions falling farther and farther behind. For example, Cisco Callmanager and Unified Communications system are important systems for your business; but if you have release 7.5 or earlier you aren’t eligible for Cisco support.

To make matters worse, when you have hardware or software failures, they inevitably come at the most inopportune times which makes it all the more difficult to get help. Likewise, when your technology is out of date, upgrading your systems represents a significant capital cost.

However, if you continue relying on older technology you risk losing out on collaboration features that can help you stay ahead of your competition.

Here are several solutions that Equivoice offers to address your needs:

  • Upgrades – The first order of business is upgrading to the latest release so that you have access to support and the latest features. If your IT staff is overburdened with other projects, our expert team can handle the deployment and virtualization of your software into our Unified Communications as a Service cloud solution. This option reduces upfront cost, as you don’t need to purchase additional hardware to handle upgrades.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Instead of paying the full software cost for Unified Communications solutions, you can also lease or rent the upgrade.
  • Improve Reliability – Our cloud solution has built-in disaster recovery and multiple access options.
  • Integration – We integrate the Unified Communications solutions into our infrastructure products to improve the overall efficiency.
  • Cisco Certified – We are a Cisco certified partner.

Our Certified Unified Communications as a Service infrastructure can take your Cisco collaboration tools and deploy them in the cloud. Our unified communication solutions include the following applications:

  • Cisco Jabar which integrates mobile devices into your Unified Communications network. Your global workforce relies heavily on mobile devices, so it’s a smart choice to integrate these devices into your collaboration workflow. This solution enables iPhone, iPads and Android devices with support for four digit dialing, peer to peer video and secure chat.
  • WebEx and Jabar are integrated with Telepresence to create a one-click connect collaboration tool for your sales team, clients, vendors and your mobile workforce.

Worried About Issues in the Cloud?

Cloud technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of many enterprise infrastructures, but as a newer technology it’s not without concern. For instance, one concern is how the slow resolution of cloud server performance can lead to a negative end user experience along with increased opportunity costs for your IT staff.

Troubleshooting these types of concerns can be particularly problematic when you’re working with multiple vendors. Your first course of action is to check to see if the Layer 1, 2 and 3 infrastructure works properly. Slow cloud applications can be caused by automated routing protocols, peering, congestion, traffic management and other network issues. When you’re working with multiple cloud solution providers, it’s easy to end up in a situation where each supplier blames the other company in the infrastructure chain, resulting in prolonged resolution times.

A Better Way

Instead of having to go through the time consuming process of having your IT staff troubleshoot the issue with multiple vendors, Equivoice simplifies the process of managing your public and private cloud infrastructure by giving you one point of contact. This comprehensive solution creates a more efficient, reliable infrastructure for your business.

Our end to end Layer 1, 2 and 3 infrastructure is Cisco powered, with dedicated cloud access that is monitored constantly. We offer QOS with application based bandwidth allocation to control the reliability of our service. You only deal with one vendor, Equivoice, so that your infrastructure issues are solved with a single point of contact. We also proactively monitor your infrastructure to take care of any issues long before they cause problems with your end users.

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Don’t spend your valuable time trying to fix every problem in your infrastructure or playing phone tag with several vendors, when there’s an easier way. Let Equivoice handle the heavy lifting while you focus on managing your applications, end users and business processes instead.

To learn more about how our solutions can make life easier for your IT department, contact us today at 800-398-6696.

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