CIOs Can Finally Sleep at Night with Our Private Cloud Solution

A Private Micro Data Center is a customized dedicated turn-key data center solution for your entire organizations infrastructure needs. This ultimately gives you peace of mind by providing high availability disaster recovery with an off site, secure, computing environment. We’ve finally cracked the code for finding the right balance for our client’s to be able to leverage all the benefits of the cloud, but in a private, secure, and scalable environment that you can physically see and touch, and even put your own hardware into! You no longer have to worry about your company’s sensitive information and trade secrets being accessed and stored in the public cloud, and you can still fulfill your company’s business goals of serving your users with fast, accessible, and effective software and network based services. 

How do we do it?

Equivoice’s propriety process and infrastructure includes award winning bare metal Cisco C or B Series Servers, switching, SAN, security, connectivity and rack space in Equivoice’s Tier 3 private data center; with no cap-ex and for one low monthly price!

Download Our Guide To Learn:

  • How to build your own private cloud infrastructure without sacrificing the benefits of the public cloud
  • How to enable your systems infinite upgrade and scalability possibilities with the Equivoice Private Micro Data Center
  • How Equivoice allows you to easily add, change, and modify services based off ever changing requirements
  • How to run your VOIP, Email, Network, and MultiSite Company all from one private, secure infrastructure

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