Apr 04 2016

Who’s Cloud is it Anyway: Achieving Organizational Goals

IT is a very wide ranging topic. From an end user having issues with their passwords to a hyper converged data center environment, these both fall under the same umbrella of IT. As a service provider I see this most frequently when dealing with organizations and their internal corporate goals. We service a wide array of clients from small offices, to Not for Profits, to Enterprises. It is very important when communicating with my clients that we are establishing a benchmark for corporate initiatives.

The biggest advantage to working with a service provider like Equivoice/MNJ is that we are able to create long-term solutions to existing problems or weaknesses. We understand the market, the technology, and have the technical resources available. The information we lack is the end goal, the existing problem, and the overlaying corporate agenda. This is why communication and meetings are key. Let me walk you through an example from my week where this is highlighted.

One of our clients is a very large religious organization with multiple sites. We provide them MPLS connectivity from site to site. They have a major event in the late summer where they will host over 10,000 people. They are focusing on their LAN and WAN in late March, to ensure that they will be ready to host the event 5 months from now. While we are heavily doing project work, it has much less to do with the design and much more to do with the end goal of seamlessly hosting this event.

The IT Director is properly accounting for all variables and risks while communicating them with myself so I can provide feedback on how our team would approach the scenario. The key is the collaborative approach so that we, as a service provider, can understand the criticality of the event to the organization. This is different than a brief exchange via e-mail about a potential event. When our engineers who are doing the work on the LAN, or myself and Marcus McEwen who do the WAN design, are engaged the improvement on deliverables is tangible.

This topic is one I want to continue to drive home. It is very important for me to understand my clients and their needs. The best way of doing this is for us to discuss either in person or via phone. Please reach out to me for future planning. Here’s to hoping for another week without outages.


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