Apr 01 2016

Whose Cloud is it Anyway: Learning from Bumps and Bruises

I take pride in the fact that I am an extension of my client’s workforce. Every CIO, IT Manager, and Director of IT I work with looks to me to make sound recommendations. My recommendations at times can enhance or hurt a project. I enjoy the complexities of these scenarios. The best feedback I can get from a client is when upper management gives a compliment to them on a project. This is my goal in every project.

One of the most difficult parts of my job as an IT professional is to learn from the bumps and bruises I’ve experienced in project work. When a carrier misses a delivery date, a vendor doesn’t fulfill a shipment in time, or a subcontracted install tech doesn’t complete the project, all parties involved feel the pain. Human error is an unfortunate part of the equation in IT. So how can we manage expectations and achieve our goals?

A long time ago a wise man told me to always follow the 6 P’s – Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. A well-drawn Vizio and an in depth discussion is always my preferred starting point. Months in advance it is acceptable to spit ball ideas over the phone. However, when it comes time to begin the project it needs to be approached in the proper mindset. One advantage of working with Equivoice/MNJ is the consultative sales approach.

I am happy to sit with my clients to discuss projects and make minor tweaks as we work through the expectations. This isn’t a billable rate we’re going to charge for the time. This is the most important piece of the sales/procurement process. Our team and the client’s team need to agree on a solution, a price, and a timeline. By taking the bumps and bruises we have experienced in the past and leveraging them to execute on new projects we are able to elevate the services we deliver.

Collaboration is so necessary on every IT project. A closed minded approach to design can be disastrous. Reach out to me the next time you’re 6-12 months out from a project so we can discuss it at a high level prior to the design phase.

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