Who’s Cloud is it Anyway: A Look into the Future

Apr 07, 2016

My current favorite writer is a gentleman by the name of George Friedman. He writes about Geopolitics and makes bold predictions about the world from his view point. Today, I want to take a shot at a 10 year prediction for IT. Some things are obvious, like the reduction in MPLS, but I want to make bold predictions...  Read More   

Who’s Cloud is it Anyway: Achieving Organizational Goals

Apr 04, 2016 IT is a very wide ranging topic. From an end user having issues with their passwords to a hyper converged data center environment, these both fall under the same umbrella of IT. As a service provider I see this most frequently when dealing with organizations and their internal corporate goals. We service a wide array of clients from...  Read More   

Whose Cloud is it Anyway: Learning from Bumps and Bruises

Apr 01, 2016 I take pride in the fact that I am an extension of my client’s workforce. Every CIO, IT Manager, and Director of IT I work with looks to me to make sound recommendations. My recommendations at times can enhance or hurt a project. I enjoy the complexities of these scenarios. The best feedback I can...  Read More   

Whose Cloud is it Anyway: Choosing the Right Solution for the Right Scenario

Apr 01, 2016 This week brought one of the most frustrating scenarios that we can run into as a VAR (Value Added Reseller) and a service provider – a multivendor conflict. In this case the vendor is owned by the same company, Cisco, but the technology being used is different formats. A long time Equivoice/MNJ client is looking...  Read More   

Whose Cloud is it Anyway: WAN Optimization and WAAS

Mar 11, 2016 WAN (Wide Area Network) Optimization is often requested by our clients. They want their circuit to perform better than the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) windows will allow their traffic to. WAAS (Wide Area Application System) is Cisco’s response to this demand. Many of these products look similar – from Riverbed to Silverpeak – but in Cisco’s case...  Read More   

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